Free alternative to HazeOver, UnDistracted and WindowFocus

DeskCover is an application for Mac that highlights the active application and shades all other windows.

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yep thats cool


totally cool



Thank you
But, does it have Emoji License key? 🙄
@akdm_ Unfortunately no :( You can certainly introduce, just for the sake of the fan?
@akdm_ I can do it just for the sake of a joke ... I'm not sure that it's someone you need
@gerasim_sergey This is not needed at all but I liked it. :)

I highly recommend it to all Mac devotees.


DeskCover is a fantastic app. Beautifully designed. I use it every day. Allows one to focus attention, increases productivity. 5 Gold Stars.


Have not encountered any cons yet. If I do I will certainly make suggestions to the app developer.

This is pretty neat, as product designers work on more addictive and distracting tech it's always good to find ways to get around it and stay focused. @gerasim_sergey with so many paid alternatives why offer your app for free?
@abadesi I developed DeskCover when I tried new technologies (compatible with the Apple App Store Sandbox) for my UnDistracted application, which can not be distributed through the App Store. First I sold DeskCover to the App Store, but now I decided to distribute it for free, without ads and purchases in the app. I'm wondering whether a free application can be successful, since the competition in the free Top App Store is very large (much more than among the paid ones). I will be grateful for the criticism and advice on how to continue to be with this application. Sorry for my English
@abadesi sorry, it's probably right to say, if there are so many paid alternatives, then this is the only good step, if users do not want to use a free application, then they do not buy paid.

Not shy about copying many elements of HazeOver app. I’m not talking about general idea: it’s down to menu structure, the same keyboard shortcut, some UI layout and even text along with app description phrases.

Since the author explicitly promotes this app as a better alternative for HazeOver, do yourself a favor and try a free trial of the original app.

So frustrating and sad.