Project management built for designers by designers.

Project management built for designers by designers.
Design and manage without headaches. From the beggining to the end of every project.
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I think the product is well built but for his price is not very comfortable, it should have the free version always with the same idea of a project for month, but if the project is completed why wait another month? I think it’s better to leave just the space of 1 project or 2 for the free version and for who want it larger for larger designers it’s right to pay. I’d just suggest that, it will allow the use and the spread of many designers but like this ... mmhh
@srdesign_vfx Hey Sam! Thanks for your comment! We've been thinking about implementing this for the free plan so it will allow a further use of the platform for designers. And it's something we'll probably implement very soon. Thanks really for taking the time for leaving some feedback, we really appreciate that.
@ivanachille sure .. my mail is ohh you just updated now .. nice!
@srdesign_vfx Yeah! haha. You can create as many projects as you want now while there is just one active at the same time. Hope to see you creating soon! :)
Hey guys! Happy for the launch of Desircle. Would be awesome if you could leave us your feedback or what do you think!
@ivan_achille Some UX Feedback: There should be a button on the brief module to copy the brief link - its confusing that its "only" at the top, you can enter empty tasks, after the client entered the brief he is redirected on a "brief complete" page instead of a page where he could edit the brief or see it in summary, the brief is shown on another page instead of important details on the project page :) thats my feedback for you.
@julian_dik Hey Julian! Super grateful for your observations! I'll promise we'll take them in count for further updates! Any general comments/opinions about the platform in general? Have a nice day! Ivan
Not sure what values this app provides compared to other well-established competitors.. Not sure how the phrase "for designers by desighers" is melted into the product..
@jinmin_lim Hey Jinmin! First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to comment. The main feature of the designer-oriented usage is the fast-deploy brief function that's extremely useful for every designer, specially the new ones. There are also some details that other people may notice. Anyways, we are continuously working on adding more special functions to the platform. Just to make us clear, the point of the app is not the time tracking or task management but the possibility of sending a design brief easy & fast. Of course than the rest of the functions are useful too but it's true that can be found in other competitors. We added them so you won't have to use different platforms when working on a single project. Again, thanks for taking the time to give us feedback, we really appreciate it! Have an awesome day, Ivan.
@ivanachille Thanks for the reply .. then i will re-use it for sure Honestly.. I love projects like this because are innovative and well built up to date so for this reason i downloaded it.. i tryed to make a project just to see how it was working .. but i leaved it when i discovered that i couldn’t make another project after i deleted the one that i was just “testing” ... i upvoted it in the trust of what you said Gl
@srdesign_vfx Hey Sam! Just to let you know, we just updated it. Now you can have 1 project active always, no matter if you already had one before. Hope to see you around Desircle again soon!