Designing Products People Love

27 successful product designers reveal their secrets

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As the author, I'm excited to unveil the PH Edition of "Designing Products People Love." I was always dying to jump inside the heads of successful product designers — so I interviewed almost 30 of them. From places like Slack to Facebook to Canary, these are people who've learned by doing. For the PH Community, I'm excited to offer special pricing (25% the Complete Edition, and $25 off the Strategy Edition). The expanded editions include almost 20 podcast-style audio interviews (including the one with a pre-PH @rrhoover — make sure to check out the attached audio), a separate ebook of ALL the interviews I did (almost over 300 extra pages of great stuff), software discounts for Sketch, InVision, and tons more. Hit me up with questions. I'm glad to answer them.
Read this book and learn to create better products. Win!
As someone that was interviewed for the book, I can say that @Scott's meticulousness was great. We spent almost 90 minutes on Skype talking about products and design. Pretty impressive attention to detail.
@ryanscherf I forgot how fun our discussion was. We should do another one and compare how we've changed over the past 18 months+.
An awesome resource for any product team. I'll be recommending it to mine. Chock full of applicable strategies and quotable interviews. Thanks for including me in the review release @scotthurff.
@jesselcampbell of course, Jesse! Thanks for your review and support, man.
Scott is one of my favorite dudes. So pumped to get this book. Just put my order in!