Designer Mill is a new website updated everyday with free design resources from over 10 categories including free fonts, mockups, Photoshop and Sketch resources.

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Monday morning. Have a cup of coffee and enjoy free stuff. Designer Mill is all new and already full of free stuff. Enjoy :)
@syswarren Thank you!
@speedyroby - Great stuff here, really. love the mockups, very useful. I was wondering - are you curating all these? creating them yourself or aggregating stuff from other freebies resources? You got my +1
@yoavush The resources are hand picked by me from different sources but I will release soon some exclusive freebies designed by me. The project started as a personal one and I didn't know that will be featured here.
@speedyroby Good luck! we had the same story with and PH did great to us. I'm sharing it with a few of my designer friends. Cheers,
@yoavush Thank you for the support. Nice videos on Coverr, I subscribed.
Quality stuff here. Really digging the space icons though!
@alanaut24 I also like the space icons, Justas Galaburda is an awesome icon designer.
@speedyroby I have to agree!
Nice design, different from some of the other resource tool sites that have previously been featured on PH. I'm creating a similar all round free resource kit and its harder than it looks! great work
I love the user generated link. I have a huge list of resources I use that I should share with the world. Thanks!
@amandacnagy Thank you for the support Amanda. I'm glad you like the website.