Design Lint

A design linting plugin for Figma.

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 29, 2020
Design Lint is a free and open source plugin for Figma built to help you find and fix errors in your designs. The plugin finds missing styles within your designs on all your layers (text, fills, strokes, border radius, and effects).
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Congratulations @daniel_destefanis πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ That's a great job! I have 2 questions Where did you start for building this kind of plugin? Have you a plan to add a feature like "prettier for figma"
@flexbox Thank you! So I actually started small with building my team at Discord a plugin for theming. We have two themes (light and dark) and creating designs for both wasn't efficient. It would loop over a design and update all colors that had a mapping (dark to light) and create a light theme design for us. After realizing what was possible with the Figma API and having a bit of a background in Front End, the idea of a linter came to mind. I wanted a way confidently say "ok this design is ready for development" or "ok another designer can pick up this file from me". Prettier is a great idea honestly. There are some great plugins out there from the community like Clean Up, which helps automatically fix or tidy up your files!
@daniel_destefanis Thanks for the input! And did you use a particular setup to scaffhold the plugin?
@flexbox Yes it's built off of which provides the basic sample plugin but with react, typescript, etc.
Amazing work, Daniel!
@daniel_destefanis Nice idea for a plugin. Congrats on the launch. will definitely use it and share it with the community (
@divjpatel Wow that's incredible! Yes please do! My goal was this to be a resource for design teams of all sizes. Can you let me know localization is an issue while you use it?
@daniel_destefanis Didn't encounter any issues while using it. I will keep you posted if the community ( has some feedback. Are you up for an AMA session with the community?
Super useful! well done
Wow, nice plugin. Trying to migrate current designs to the system and this plugin will save me a lot of time. Thanks
@mike_yermolayev Glad you're excited! I cannot wait to use it on my own teams design system.