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#1 Product of the DayDecember 12, 2015
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Hello product hunters, in these days I see that many founders ignore the design and focus on development more. But it shouldn't be hard that design thinking from the beginning. That's why I collected some great articles, tips and tools to help designer, developer or non-desinger founders to make well designed awesome products. You can find useful resources about main design needs of a startup e.g style guides, logo, colors, fonts and website design. Hope you will like it and if you know or have different resources, please let me know.
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@umitakcn thanks for putting this together. I like that you went a step further than the popular "stash" trend and added some content to help us better implement the tools you've curated. Well done, looking forward to digging in.
Hi @umitakcn ! It's a great idea to put design resources together, looks cool 👍
@chrisgscott thanks for great comment Chris, I think it is easier to find tools in these days but it is more important to validate what you've done that's why i thought articles would be better choice.
@umitakcn resources are really helpful and i am up for bookmarking many of them... but can we have that blue highlighting of heading on hover to be turned off it is annoying after having it seen for one or two times
Umit--killer resource library this allows people like me who are not designers for a living to better understand design and in turn I can relate my needs much better when working with UX and UI folks
As the current editor of the @thinkapps blog, I was excited to see our post on logo design by Darcey Beau featured on the Design for Startup homepage ( Thanks for including our content, @umitakcn, and can't wait to check out the other articles!
@beckyloveshugs thanks for great comment Becky. It is a great article and it is really hard to find agencies or design companies share some useful stuff with people except shiny, fancy case studies. Cheers.
@umitakcn Very nice collection! Great job on the site also✌️
Canva should be on here!
@jabrueckner Hey Joshua, I added an article from Canva, title is "50 style guides every startup should see before launching" and i agree that they have great articles.