Design Details - 63: More Nougat (feat. Jon Lax)

We sat down with Jon Lax, a design director at Facebook

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I didn't care for this episode. 2 stars.
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This episode was rad. Super proud of the amount of meaning we were able to pull out of a conversation with someone who doesn't even like Drake.
Wowowow, @jlax doesn't like Drake? Judging...
@rrhoover @uberbryn I loved this episode, even being in the bay area, I don't run into Facebook employees and I was able to get a little bit of an idea of what it's inside those walls. -1 star for the Drake judging. He is not hard rap, he is emo-rap, which might make sense for growing up in a suburban Toronto neighborhood.
This is one of our longer episodes of Design Details (we usually try to keep things at around 1hr long), but it's totally worth it to hear some of Jon's stories. I've had the chance to work alongside Jon at Facebook for a couple of months now, but it wasn't until this episode that I really came to understand his background and how he thinks about design. We also talked about some of the hard problems designers face right now, like how to deal with learning new skills, how to get hired, how to design with a team of 100+ other people, and what it means to build a design culture within an org. Super fun, we hope you all enjoy listening!
I had so much fun podcasting with @brian_lovin and @uberbryn last night (episode will be published next week). It reminded me how much I love the medium. Looking forward to listening to this episode with that guy, @jlax. 😁