Design Details - 20: Soft Computer Hands (feat. Dustin Senos)

Former Medium head of design discusses Medium's design phil…

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This is probably my favorite Design Details episode. In it the former head of design and first designer at Medium (Dustin Senos) discusses Medium's design philosophy and the company culture. I found it super interesting.
@bracco thank you for the kind words Mike :) Glad you enjoyed the episode. Happy to talk further or answer any questions in here.
@dustin Awesome to have you jump in so quickly! :) I have one silly question. What do you think the chances are of Medium ever supporting markdown? After reading this from @ev a while back it sounded like we'll probably never see native support for it.
@bracco Medium's import API now supports markdown :)
thanks @bracco, really glad you enjoyed this one - we had a ton of fun recording it
Queuing this up. @brian_lovin kindly asked me to record a Design Details episode with him later this month. Woohoo!
@rrhoover Awesome! I'll look forward to the episode. The podcast has gotten into my core podcast rotation. They always have great guests and in depth discussions. One of the things I really like about the show is that they get into the guest's origin story...which provides a level of depth and perspective that a lot of other interview based podcasts don't get to.