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This book will cover every detail that allows the making of a product, from start to finish. It's not just design or code focused, it's everything in between. All the stuff that I painstakingly learned from my iOS engineer friend that relates to Provisioning profiles, tools, libraries, analytics, app store, debugging, etc will be included. I've always been passionate about building products as a whole. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a real focus in design, which is my strongest asset. I try hard to write from the perspective of a designer--a person that is extremely visual and that enjoys minimalism. Thanks everyone for your kind feedback. I hope to write a little about Product Hunt as well. It's really shaping up to be a great product! @staringispolite @Anderson760 @_DanFriedman @emieljanson @adamsigel @dskaletsky
Meng To got my attention when he wrote a couple of blogposts where he explained how designers could use Xcode to build interfaces and prototypes.
Congratulations @MengTo you got an impulse purchase out of me :-)
Because of Meng's posts it was much easier to transition into learning Xcode as a designer. I really look forward to seeing and learning about his workflow to become even better. Also the fact that he is purely focused on this one project makes it very exciting, I don't think he has done that in a real long time.
if the book is 1/2 as good as the site experience, it should be spectacular...