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Delete yourself from the internet


Deseat.me gives a list of accounts you have over the Internet. It gives you instructions how to delete accounts you don't use.

Would you recommend this product?

I'm not going to let some random entity read my emails...


The utility of it.


Big privacy concerns.

Software Engineer and Machine learning

Not only was I able to log back into my google account but also signed into some of the websites I deleted as well


Was able to find sites I don't recall signing up to but keep sending me spam emails and with this DELETE DELETE DELETE


I ended up deleting my spam google account and to my surprise is still active so the question is does this really work on the backend?

Digital Marketing Manager, Onata.com

Ultimately is is google product, we can trust on it.


What is the use of it?


Are that maintain any privacy?

Mobile developer

They send email to services you never signed for only because they found an email in your inbox, causing your email address to be flagged as spammer.


Pros? ahaha


Totally spammers, don't trust them!

Explain the monetization strategy. Explain exactly how it works in order to reassure users of the degree of privacy lost or kept private. Allow Service to register with you so they can provide a "friendly" unsubscribe page for Unseat users.