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Thanks @ChrisMessina for hunting us! Hey ProductHunt! We're super excited to announce the beta launch of DeliveryDino - the new Yelp for On-Demand Services. We previously worked in the On-Demand world while at GoButler and were always getting asked by friends and family which on-demand services to use when they were traveling to different cities. After giving the same information countless times, we started to think that there had to a better way to share these services. That's why we started DeliveryDino which has now evolved into the leading site where you can rank, review, and get coupons from every major on-demand service in the world. The DeliveryDino Beta is now available in 12,500+ cities worldwide. The platform covers local on-demand service categories including: Food, Transportation, Groceries, Flowers, Alcohol, Accommodation, Sitters, Cannabis, Health & Beauty, Home Services, Movers, Laundry, Pet Care and more. It's also the single largest dataset for on-demand in the world so if you're a developer looking for access just let us know. Lastly, if you're an On-Demand provider, claim or add your service via our dashboard to make sure your information is up-to-date. This is a project that's always evolving so all feedback is welcome. Excited to learn what you like, don't like, and/or want added. Happy Hunting! :)
Very cool concept! excited to see this grow as it would be helpful to have all services aggregated under one account - especially when travelling or visiting another city. Keep up the great work @ajm5338!
@francovarriano thanks! We've certainly found it to be useful for travelers - I actually recently relied on it heavily myself while in Europe. :)
@ajm5338 @chrismessina looks great, any idea when you'll launch in the UK Adam?
@sam_cholera @chrismessina we're live in the UK. Any particular location you're looking for?
Holy grail for me would be metasearch for restaurants. Tried to build one during a company hack day but (not surprisingly) not enough publicly available APIs. Hope you guys can get there!
@tombornal could you elaborate? just want to make sure I understand because I think we might be heading towards what you're looking for. :)
@ajm5338 essentially a trivago for restaurants. Let's say I know what restaurant I want to order from, I would like to know from whom I could get it the cheapest (any promos running / does one service mark up the menu price) and who could get it to me the fastest. Or if I don't know where I want to order, I might want to filter by all services with a promo - so if caviar is running a free delivery special this weekend, it might show only caviar restaurants
@tombornal ah, got it! πŸ’―
Love the platform approach to building on-demand services!
@gaurav_taywade thanks, Gaurav!
Cool idea!
@daviswbaer thanks, Davis! Hope it's useful. :)
It's amazing to me that this hasn't been around sooner. Now that delivery services are popping up like it's 1999, this makes a ton of sense. I used the beta a few weeks back when I was in NYC visiting for just a few short days - it was awesome to discover new services and easily order stuff when I didn't have a real sense of what was available in the market. For example, I live and die for DoorDash and Postmates here in SF, but there were some new and interesting options in NYC that I wouldn't have known about if it hadn't been for DeliveryDino. Awesome to see this on Product Hunt +1 from me. @adam - have you though about making this into an affiliate network for delivery? Could be awesome. I would also love to see some discounts and rewards ;)
@austinahay @adam thanks, Austin! We actually opened it now so service providers like DoorDash and Postmates can add their own coupons via their own DeliveryDino Business Dashboard. As more service providers signup, the discounts should start to flow. :) For reference, here's the link to Claim or Add a Business Profile: