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Eat, drink and be mobile with delivery on demand.

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Hey Everybody, I’m Mike Davis, VP of Sales and Business Development at (and the one person at the company who can post on Product Hunt, so let’s have some fun!). Over the past few months, our Tech and Product teams have busted their butts building a completely reimagined iOS app, which I’m really excited to share with the Product Hunt community. In fact, let’s kick things off with a deal: download the app, and get 20% off your first order with promo code ProductHunt. The only local ordering app that lets you get food, alcohol, groceries and laundry on demand, is your link to the best spots in the neighborhood. Ever missed lunch because you were too busy to leave your desk at work? Run out of beer and had to put the party on hold while you ran out for more? Wasted an NFL Sunday doing laundry? Whether you’re insanely busy or super lazy (or, like most of us, both, depending on the day), tapping your phone for an ASAP delivery is a pretty great feeling. If you were familiar with the old app, then I’d really encourage you to check out the update. For the first time, we’ve significantly changed and optimized the UX for alcohol and laundry ordering. And we also added tons of new features, from a super helpful recommendation engine to slick animations, tap-free gestures, 3D Touch Peek, and a complementary Apple Watch app. Right now the app is available in New York, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Boston, and a bunch more cities, with many more on the way soon. Enjoy, Product Hunters!
@mr_davis this looks really interesting. Any plans to scale up in other countries? Would love to drop you an email if you have one you can share.
Hi @mr_davis how do you scale up/down since delivery requests will change with respect to time/events etc.. For example you might have 20K orders on one night and non the next. The changing cost of personnel will make it impossible to see your future.
@jasondainter We are currently focused in the US and Hong Kong with further international expansion further down the line. DM me on twitter and we can take it from there.
@ykguler Great question! There is definite variability of demand from day to day with weather being one of the major drivers...bad weather = more orders and even within the day we see spikes at lunch and dinner. As a company we have focused on building a platform and marketplace while remaining asset light. This means we have not hired an expensive staff of delivery drivers and instead work with merchants who already have their own delivery staff or in cases they don't we have a logistics integration where we partner with @uber, @sidecar and others to allow restaurants and stores to request a delivery with a single click. This way we leverage the last mile delivery networks that already exist which allows us to focus on building the best marketplace possible.
@mr_davis so how does it differentiate from