Streams music from artists playing at venues in your area

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LOVE this! Great way to passively discover new shows. Since Coachella, I've been on a music kick, seeking good artists nearby. I like how they turn venues into radio stations, like San Francisco's 1015 and the Mezzanine. They also create stations for festivals like Outside Lands. cc @nicadler @xbora
@rrhoover regarding the number of venue or festival specific stations available, if any number of bands has listed a tour date in any location there will be a station for it. Enjoy.
Very interesting idea. I like the new take on the radio dynamic. Personally, I think the best thing about this product for me is finding new venues to go to. Always on the lookout for new places to hit up, and this seems like the perfect way to get a flavor of the club or venue before driving out there. Curious how/where they pull the music from. Or is it individually uploaded?
@adammarx13 Thanks for your feedback! Glad you're enjoying the app. All the content is uploaded by the artist, and new artists are added daily.