Sometimes finding something that you actually want to cook can be a big struggle if you get a big overview of all recipes. You just have a random selection of cards and if you see what you like you can get further information about it.
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Congrats on the launch! Good idea!
Not sure about that tagline :/
@fabien_h Thanks for your feedback. What kind of tagline you're thinking of?
Very useful tool! You've done a great job and it's really cool. I like the design and the fact that it can be used every day (that's what I do) I like to cook different dishes because I was taught to do it by my grandmother who was a chef throughout her life. I cook very often and often do it using your app, especially I like the fact that it describes in sufficient detail what needs to be done, I also like the fact that they use such kitchen accessories that I saw, for example, as in