Delete Trump

Automatically tell Trump to delete his Twitter account

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I recommend we just focus on new and innovative products, it's why I love this platform. There may be an opportunity for a "News" section to include stuff like the LinkedIn acquisition email that I got from you guys this morning, and politically-related stuff like this.
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Your product is based off Hillary Clinton telling Trump to Delete his account, I guess Hillary is the master at "deleting" things. She really specializes in deleting emails lol
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Inspired by this tweet (now meme): Regardless of your beliefs, this is another example of technology used for political expression, similar to poetry, music, and other long-standing cultural influences.
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@rrhoover Delete your Account
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@rrhoover This is making me wish a downvote option was available on Product Hunt.
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@kurtybot where do I sign? I'd actually pay for a PH app that filtered the pandering posts out!
Aaah yes, the left wing wanting to silence people who think differently. Very sophisticated. Aka I'm a lefty, hate censorship.
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@ericdiepeveen I take issue with the idea that Trump thinks at all.
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more dumb products making it to the frontpage... how does this keep happening? Product hunt have you lost your way?
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@dielawn714 Happens to virtually every community at some point.