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#2 Product of the DayDecember 25, 2018

Delesign provides startups, business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs with a dedicated senior-level designer. For a flat monthly rate, complete all your graphic design, animation, web & app, UI/UX, and illustration projects (and more) on time.

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Hey PH, This is Kenny from Delesign. With only 24 hours in each day, we all know the importance of delegation, but finding a reliable and diversely talented designer can be difficult - not to mention costly. Delesign was created to help entrepreneurs and marketers utilize the power of delegation. This delegation was paramount in the sale of my startup. What's neat about Delesign: - You're matched with a designer who can complete all your design projects - UI/UX, website/app mockups, social media, graphic design, branding, explainer videos, etc. - You can select when your designer is available during the week - either Day (6am - 4pm Pacific Time M-F) or Night (6pm - 4am Pacific Time M-F) - Simple projects can be completed in as quickly as 12-24 hours. More complex projects, like animated explainer videos, will take longer (expect around 3 weeks, which includes revisions, for a 1 minute explainer video to be finalized). - We utilize a flat-rate pricing model of $350 per month, with your designer working on one of your projects at a time. - We come with a 15 day money back guarantee. If you don't like us for whatever reason, we'll provide you with a full refund. We recently launched and I would love to get your feedback and answer any questions you have! If you're interested in trying us 30% off your first month, leave a comment below and I'll message you a special promo code.
@kenny_schumacher How is it ensured that the designer you match is up for my tastes? Is there a way, in which I can choose designers based on their work/portfolio. In designing, "tastes" matter a lot and hard to change.
@arjit_raj Great question, and I agree that tastes matter. When signing up for Delesign, the client inputs answers to several prompts which are used to determine which designer will best match their style preferences. Presently, it is our management team that determines which designer is matched with the client, however I like your suggestion and we can absolutely experiment with allowing the client to decide.
@kenny_schumacher would love to try that promo code =)
@oneweirdglobe I have sent you a DM with the promo code. We're looking forward to working with you!
@kenny_schumacher would love to try with the promo code.
Hi, pls send a promo. The one issue is that there is no contact information on the site. I wanted to ask you a question. Thanks. (& Merry Christmas).
Merry Christmas @goldstrom! Apologies that the contact information isn't shown well. On we list a few ways to contact us, including a way to schedule a call with me. Please do feel free to contact me directly via DM on Product Hunt or at anytime. I have sent you the promo code via DM. We look forward to working with you and completing your projects
Do you make design to html/wordpress?
Hey @nimapirzadeh, great question! We create mobile and desktop Photoshop website mockups, along with the exported PSD assets, which can then be used by a developer to create the website. In addition to website mockups, we also create mobile app mockups. However at this time we do not do any development work of turning the design to html/wordpress. Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.
What do you think of my website in wordpress?
@kenny_schumacher : Congrats on getting the #2 product of the day. I wish to interview you, about your product, team and strategy. The interview will in form of Tweets and replies to it. It can get completed in 15 minutes. If you like the idea, reply when free. :-)
@arjit_raj Thank you Arjit. I really appreciate the support from the PH community. I'd be happy to be interviewed by you, and have just sent you a DM.
@kenny_schumacher Thanks for connecting. Replied you on chat. :-)