Dejavu v4

Visually build and test search UI/Ux

Dejavu is the missing web UI for Elasticsearch. We started this 3+ years ago with our first release on PH and since then, it has enjoyed great community support and we've kept on building.

It solves the PITA that is indexing / re-indexing / data browsing / visualizing and testing search UI when working with Elasticsearch.

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Siddharth Kothari
Founder of Appbase Inc.
Hi PHers, We have built Dejavu to make working with data in Elasticsearch a breeze. With this release, we are enabling support for visually building (and testing) search UIs. Our first release was 3+ years ago, and we are super thankful to the community here for the continued support. 😺 For those of you who aren't using Elasticsearch in their development, Dejavu is a tool that can help you get your data from Excel / CSV / JSON files into the correct data structures (you don't need to know anything about how a search engine works), browse this data with rich filters, and build a faceted search UI view to test relevancy and Ux.
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Caleb Del BegioCOO @ Mealime
Can't say enough good things about the Appbase team. They're building awesome tools for working with Elasticsearch and have made our lives much easier with Dejavu and Reactivesearch.
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