Dejavu 2.0

Open-source data browser for Elasticsearch

Dejavu is the missing web UI for Elasticsearch.

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We first launched Dejavu on Product Hunt ~1 year ago; this is a super major overhaul with active development since then and includes ~100 issue fixes. Who is this for? If you are working with NoSQL databases or Elasticsearch in particular, Dejavu can help you with importing data, map it to data types, create and share filtered data views, and export this data out. It is all Javascript, and is available as a hosted app, chrome extension and as a docker image. What has changed? * The biggest change today is the ability to import data into Elasticsearch directly via JSON and CSV files. Their is a guided process for setting the mappings correctly. * Filtered views and query views. * Ability to export filtered data as JSON and CSV, apparently other web UIs don't support this. * There is also a docker image option to run it as Elasticsearch removed website plugins starting v5.0. We originally wrote it in React v0.14.0 and have made it compatible with the React v15.6. There is an ongoing refactoring effort to translate all the code to use ES6 idioms. Direct link to the website -
This looks great - and is very timely. I was just researching options for building a front-end for a data product that I've just created.
"It's like deja vu 1.0 all over again..."