Simple & easy to use mobile editor for iPhone.

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Hello again hunters! 😛 We are happy to announce the newest version of our small side project called DEFQT, which was previously hunted by @chrismessina two years ago (and pronounced the same way as "Effect", only with "D" in the front). DEFQT is simple to use mobile photo editor, that focuses on quick mobile editing and works great with with VSCO, Darkroom or Snapseed or other editing apps to create amazing shots, which you can see here underneath the #defqtapp and #defqt hashtags all over social media. Like here: DEFQT is also great for music cover creations, which really surprised us. –– We were featured by Apple and were downloaded more than 300.000 times. We are also very active active on Instagram, where we are trying to build online community, where we created numerous competitions with artists and where we every Monday do roundup of best shots from previous week. Download the app here: We are happy to answer your questions! –– New in this version: – We've changed the overall design: it’s more user friendly now - Larger image sizes when saving – We added sliders and controls to make it easier to adjust effects – New previews inspired by our travels – We've added new Layer, Spin and Digital effects – try them, they are magical! – Infinite has additional controls to shape the effect – A new shuffle option makes it easier to randomly discover effects! – We got rid of strange bugs and made the app faster Our next goal is to work on more advanced features and effects, but sadly our time is restricted to smaller enhancements over time. You can learn more about DEFQT on links below or contact us on Our first ProductHunt entry: Medium articles about the process: Behance project: Thanks! DEFQT team