Create entirely new things with your photos and camera

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Thank you for sharing! I'm one of the maker of the app! We are happy to answer all your questions🎉
Here's the backstory of how the app came to be, and some examples of what it can do on Instagram.
@chrismessina this is really cool! Awesome job!
@jeshalom to be clear, I had nothing to do with this app. :)
Sweet. And also gets the award for hardest to figure out how to pronounce :)
@zee thanks :) it's pronounced the same way as "Effect", only with "D" in the front.
@teodorik what differentiates your app from others?
@teodorik @corleyh We have lot of unique effects, that you can't find anywhere else, full image export and great community, that we are taking care of. We are working on more effects all the time and other UI improvements, but it is still sideproject for all of us.
@corleyh @michaeldolejs Yeah! We are trying to be somewhere in the middle of the Glitch art community and the VSCOcam community. I think it is possible to create an interesting art with just an app and we are trying to make a tool exactly for that.
Hello everyone - we just released our newest version - 2.3! Here are some thoughts about changes we made and few statistics: Best, DEFQT team
Hello, we just released new Product Hunt listing for our newest version, which brings significant updates to effects, exporting and has totally new design. Check it out here: Thanks DEFQT team