#3 Product of the DayAugust 12, 2019
Worried that your time is lost in unproductive meetings — use deepwork clock and interactive bite-sized guide to free up more time.
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Love the tool that helps me "politely" decline unproductive meetings :)
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Thanks @kevin for hunting us. 👋 Hello Makers! Are you worried that your time is lost in unproductive meetings? We have a solution for you. @hwk73 and I are super excited to launch Deepwork.today that informs you - how your day will be spent between collaboration and productivity. Deepwork.today will provide value only if you connect your work calendar. It was made to keep you company at work. Our Backstory 🍼 👶 Our last employer was a large corporate. The scale of collaboration and communication was a novel learning opportunity for us. But our collaboration were turning out to be more ad hoc that we have liked. And this had an impact on our team productivity. We felt that the reason for our ineffective communication could be attributed to the absence of basic principles in our work culture - agenda, action and attribution. And that resulted in meetings with too many participants, undefined agendas and outcomes. We tried to thrive in our personal work by practicing focussed time. Many of our team members were using pomodoro technique to better estimate work and measure consistency. But superfluous meetings were always a bit overbearing and robbed individuals of their agency over daily plans. When we quit our jobs, we did some thinking to improve the state of personal productivity within the organizations. And deepwork.today is the first effort in that direction 🐣 What you get in this app? 👇👇 ⏰ Deepwork Clock that is aware of your daily schedule. We have experienced that focus cannot be turned on and off like a switch, so we set aside some cool-off time for every meeting. The clock constantly keeps you updated on the actual focussed time you have left to get work done. 🏀 Meeting quiz to help you gauge the importance and relevance of a meeting. And if you find a valid reason to decline the meeting we provide you with a polite response to decline the meeting. 🍒 Bite-size lessons to help you get better at meetings. We read the boring HBR articles on how to do meetings and distilled the essentials of how to get better. So, ahead of a critical meeting, you can meditate on these and be your best in the meeting. 🧠 Meeting patterns to give you an overview of your meeting habits over time. These figures will help you learn how much time you spend in meetings, average durations of your meetings, busiest day of the week and who do you most often collaborate with. Please try out the app and share your feedback 🙏 👉 Do you think if we allow you to rate meetings (or a simple 👍 👎), would that be helpful? 👉 How often do you say no to meetings? What are the usual reasons? If you have any polite ways to say no. 👉 If you would like more bite-size lessons or meeting meditations 👉 Any particular meeting analytics you would like to add and why And if you like the app, please share it with your friends and colleagues. It’s a free app ✨✨ We want to genuinely understand how to make collaborations more impactful while not trading off the personal productivity. If we get more feedback, the app can get better at supporting diverse work life habits. Thank you and have a lovely deepwork.today! ☀️
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Love the idea. Great for people working in large cos . You could link to PG's essay on developer time vs manager time. Also given you are targeting large cos, send a daily/weekly update to managers about how much time is wasted multiplied by the salary of the people in the room. Will boost usage
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@urstrulymishra PG’s essay on maker vs manager time is quite apt. Thanks Navin for bringing this here. In this app, we are informing the makers how their day would be spent and you can use this clarity to make decisions that are more aligned with your intentions. PG rests it at makers’ discretion to compromise or not, we are giving tools in the hand of makers to judge & decide :) The app sends you a daily update on summarising past day and prepping you up for the next day. Do check that out in your mailbox next morning. There have been some utilities to approximate & show meeting costs but what do you do after raising an eyebrow on a dollar amount 😲
Great app, with highly functional design.
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@ankitind1 🙏 If you find yourself using it daily. Maybe we can connect after few days and find out what's working for you and what can be improved.
Congrats on the launch guys!, Would love to have a way to take notes from the meetings convert them to actionable tasks and feed them back into the calendar.
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@abid_hussain1 Hi Abid, feed them back to calendar, for follow up meetings?