A scalable server for realtime web apps

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Is this like Firebase?
@mywoisme Firebase is a SaaS/BaaS. Deepstream seems to be a server software you download and host yourself. So there's the biggest difference, I believe.
@mywoisme it seems similar, but it's self-hosted and lacks support for native apps as far as I see :/
@mywoisme Yes, but there are a number of core differences: - is a free open source server, not a PaaS offering - Deepstream offers pub-sub, request-response and web-rtc call management in addition to data-sync - Firebase’s data-sync approach is based on one large chunk of JSON data that allows you to observe and manipulate sub-paths. Deepstream does the same, but breaks the data down into individual units, called records - Deepstream uses a functional permissioning model, allowing you to interface with other systems (data-bases / active directory) for user-management, as opposed to firebase’ configuration based permissioning approach
In the description I read "Works for browsers, backend & mobile" but there is just the JS Client (maybe they mean "mobile browsers"). It would be very cool to have a real mobile SDK. Especially for the web-rtc support.
@angelo_ia The server supports connections using for http/websocket connections or directly using tcp connections for backend support, and you can use Cordova or phonegap ( for which some apps are already in production ) to use the JS client and produce native apps. We currently are working with the community to build native mobile sdks ( as well as others for backend languages or IoT devices ), some of which should be released soon!
This looks incredible and I certainly intend to give it a go, wish this had existed couple weeks ago when I was working on realtime slide interaction app as it looks like it would have been ideal solution for my backend
Met these guys, lovely bunch of folks :)