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DeepLink Kit is an open-source iOS library to add incoming deep link support to your app in just a few minutes. It was originally built for use in Button products but proved generically useful enough that we decided to open source it to make deep linking easier for everyone! For the simplest integration, you can simply assign a block to be executed when a deep link matching a pattern comes in. For more complex integrations, you can register View Controllers for path patterns to ensure good separation of concerns and to avoid having one class that knows about all of your entities & view controllers! We've been working on DeepLink Kit for a while now & finally just released it as v1.0. We'd love any feedback on ease of use / integration and always interested in feature requests!
@chrismaddern Way cool. Are there any best practices you guys have for handling pushing the right view controller for the deep link? I've been struggling a little with how to organize an app that might need to authenticate *then* move to whatever screen is appropriate, especially when some view controllers are instantiated in code vs. when using storyboard segues.
Hey @andknf! Thanks for the kind words. This is our approach: https://github.com/usebutton/Dee... The 'deferred' component of it through authentication isn't handled yet, but I think generally having authentication sit outside of your main navigation structure and making each controller aware of it's required level of authenticated-ness is a good pattern. e.g. /products/1234 -> map them to the right view controller, which then knows whether it requires auth. Alternatively, you can store the link away and on login/signup trigger a 'deep link pop' off the stack. Let me know how I can help more!
@chrismaddern the readme seems to be all Obj-C ... is there Swift support/docs coming?
@callmeed @chrismaddern Great question! We'll be looking at that in the coming weeks. There are a couple known issues but it mostly works as-is. Issue: https://github.com/usebutton/Dee...
@chrismaddern This is super rad and makes a lot of sense! Time to stop being lazy and separate nav and auth :) Thanks man.
This is pretty similar to @Branchmetrics which I'm a huge fan of and use in all of my apps :)
How does DeepLink Kit differ from deeplink.me?
That's pretty cool have you built in tracking around it?
@davidiwanow DeepLink Kit doesn't have any tracking built in, but you could definitely make a BTNDeepLinkRouter subclass that does tracking for all incoming links. This could be a cool thing to look at in the future. I made an issue for this on the repo: https://github.com/usebutton/Dee...
@chrismaddern ok awesome because that is the biggest part of insight folks need I touched on tracking a bit in a post last week on the topic www.searchenginepeople.com/blog/...