Deep Elon Musk is an AI trained to tweet like Elon Musk.

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Hey! I'm here if you have any question.
@berpj Hi Pierre, just followed you, I think this is incredible and funny. Just wondering how you did this in non-technical terms so I could make one for my celebrities. Thank you
@ramil_bakhishli Thanks! It's based on Machine Learning. Basically it's a program that learns how to write like a child. It read this dataset over and over to learn how to create new sentences: You can have a look at this article, it contains some interesting ideas:
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@berpj Thanks for the links. I might try that considering the tweets sound eerily true.
@jevinsew To be a bit more technical: it's an LSTM Neural Network, made with Tensorflow in Python. Have a look to this tutorial
@berpj @jevinsew I'm pretty sure all tweets are post-processed and corrected AND specifically hand-picked from a big generated set. LSTM (word or character level) is not currently capable of generating perfect sentences with at least some meaning, it only happens by relatively small chance. I used my 17.7k tweets as a dataset for experiments with models, which is 8 times more then Mask's and is generally a good amount of data for RNN learning, and that's why I'm so sure.
Frightening, what texts did you use to train it ? Tweets? Could it tweet anytime Elon actually tweets?
@albandum Hey! I used this dataset: (only transcripts from speeches). That's why there is no hashtags or links. It would be cool to train this AI on his tweets, but the dataset would be too small.
@albandum and yeah I think it would be fun to answer to the real Elon when he tweets 🤓
Would you be open to sharing the source for this? I want to get into this type of machine learning/ai and love learning by example. Alternatively: What resources would you recommend to start building/learning ai/ml. Edit: just saw your answer on this subject to @jevinsew and @vladzima.
@samschooler You can start with or any alternative (smth for Tensorflow for instance), just search for char rnn on github.
@samschooler @jevinsew @vladzima Indeed, I think I should open source it :)
@berpj @samschooler @jevinsew I used word level char rnn to generate new laws based on those passed by Russian parliament in the past. That shit was hilarious to the level when it printed "We are not aware what we are doing, let's proceed to execution" at the end of one document.
@vladzima @samschooler @jevinsew Hahaha, great idea! There's so much ideas to explore
This is hilarious
Seen Luka ( ) been playing with AI bots with a personality. Wonder how far your bot from their AI.