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This is such an interesting pivot! From restaurant recommendations from an AI to a general purpose "platform of bots"...! I've met Luka's CEO, @ekuyda, and she's super smart. This is a great expansion of the original effort and rather than just providing a platform for other people's bots, Luka now has an army of assistants that can evolve independently, unlocking parallel bot-evolution, and targeted question-response by users. Now you can invite the right bot in a given category to a conversation you're having, instead of relying one universal bot that wouldn't be domain-specific, and therefore potentially prone to confusion. Congrats to the team — this is an existing launch, with new funding to help them build this out!
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@chrismessina Thank you, Chris! Happy to answer any questions. Here is some more info about Luka 2.0 - https://goo.gl/5uCmC6. We are not only opening up Luka and his AI friends to consumers, but also inviting developers to join us building the best messaging experience with bots. Talk to Luka! <3
@ekuyda @chrismessina This is great! Luka was one of my favorite bots and excited to see other bots from the team!
@ddumik @chrismessina Thanks Dima, good job with Chatfuel!
@ekuyda @chrismessina thanks Chris for sharing, Eugenia congrats on opening up Luka. Looking forward to building bots 😄
This is hot magma fire.
@lisaqfetterman Thank you, Lisa!!! <3 <3 <3
Congrats @ekuyda! I've been using Luka for a while now and I'm super excited to use the new bots.
@parisrouz Thank you, Paris! New bots coming next week!
This is on the leading edge of where messaging is heading (welcome to our AI overlords). Excited to see this get some traction.
@ryanjunee Thank you, Ryan! Love the idea of AI overlords :) Talk to you on Luka!
Cool! I like the app. Congrats!
@stasmatv Thank you Stas! Good job with Allset - my favorite way to get quick lunch when I'm on the go :)