Deep Angel is an artificial intelligence that erases people, animals, vehicles, and more from photographs. Inspired by Paul Klee's Angelus Novus, Deep Angel is an interactive AI designed to both share a glimpse into the future of media manipulation and explore the aesthetics of absence. What happens when anything can be auto-disappeared in images?

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I could use an app that does the opposite of Deep Angel: A tool that adds people to photos. We've all been to a party or gathering where a good friend couldn't join. It would be fun to insert them into a picture as if they were there. Request for product, @le_flaneur. 😉
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@rrhoover Oh just you wait! That doesn't yet exist, but we have something in the pipeline very similar to that concept. As a grad school project at the Media Lab, Deep Angel is a speculative design piece and a great springboard for inspiring new ideas and figuring out something really useful.
I'm excited to share Deep Angel! Happy to answer any questions
Hi @le_flaneur thanks for sharing Deep Angel. I love your opening video - something kinda creepy about it! You mention on your site that this project is part art, part tech and part philosophy. I'm interested in the philosophy side - can you tell us a little more?
Thanks for the question @ems_hodge! The philosophy side is intentionally a bit hidden on the website. If you check out the concept page (, you can get an initial inkling of the philosophy behind what we’re doing. And if you’re into mysteries, there’s quite a few Easter eggs and a rabbit hole to discover. Unlike most applications that serve content, we’re providing an opportunity for Internet people to remove the objects that mediate our world and social relations. One might consider this to have a Situationist flare. We want people to explore. In many ways, the Internet has turned inwards in the sense that users more often act upon calculated design choices and algorithmic recommendations rather than an innate curiosity. Here’s an attempt (and admittedly, just a start) to encourage discovery and explore how absence can make us think. In Zen Buddhism, the concept of emptiness represents not void nor nothingness but rather the non-limitations and nondefinition of the infinite. It’s hard to explain, and we’re trying to communicate this concept through the experience of Deep Angel.
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Props to whoever made this video. Best marketing video I’ve ever seen.
Thanks @kcucchia!! That was Zivvy Epstein, Max (the dog), and me with a lot of help from our friends!
@kcucchia the worst video I have ever seen, usually I never skip parts of promo videos lol
I'm here to say this is the Black-Mirror-esque app I've ever seen. Congrats to the makers!