Deekit 5.0

The world's most collaborative digital whiteboard

A simple real-time whiteboard built for teams - collaborate the way you like, use your browser, tablet or smartphone, in the office or on the go.

Brainstorm and discuss your big ideas, upload designs and easily share feedback collaboratively. Get started quickly with using hand-crafter templates and shapes. Draw your teams together.

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Thanks, Bram, for hunting us! We’re thrilled to be on PH and eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. Having worked with remote teams across all time zones for over ten years, our minds and hearts have been occupied by the vision to create a collaboration tool tailored for global teams. We wanted to build a tool that enables fast feedback and collaboration in real-time. Slow networks should not be a problem either, we aimed to break down barriers. Since our first launch and tons of feedback, Deekit has become so much more than just a whiteboard. All our boards bring drawing and text tools, colorful post-its, a powerful note editor, embedded cards for content, and hundreds of hand-crafted shapes and templates in the library. All the content is obviously saved and synced in real-time so that your entire teams can participate in discussions. All your boards can be easily shared with URLs and there’s no limit to how many people can be connected. To say thank you to you, the awesome PH community, for the next 72 hours you can get 40% off any of our plans forever by using code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout. Enjoy!
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@kailikleemeier do you guys have an ios app in development? any release date? Will you offer your discount code then as well? im testing out the webapp as we speak
@brucekraftjr Hey Bruce, welcome to the app! 😊 Indeed, iOS app is in the works and will be available soon, so stay tuned! In fact, next couple releases will be packed with tons of awesome additions. I'd be happy to give you a ping separately as we launch on iOS. Looking to hear your feedback as you test the web app in the meanwhile. As the discount for current campaign indeed already expired, I'd be happy to extend it for you. Give us a ping in chat inside the app and we'll add it for you 😉
I'm on the marketing team at Deekit and I've watched the whiteboards change so much, but this release is something special. It now really lives up to the Deekit vision and I'm very proud to be a part of the team. The engineers have killed it with this one! I can't recommend it enough. I actually use Deekit for other things too. General life, personal projects, you name it! Congrats to the team! 🎉
Great update of the UX that used to suffer from some really basic flaws. This is much more of a complete product now. I am using paid version of this to discuss architectural and other design projects internally and together with authors. The product is still lacking good commenting and presence functionality but looking at what speed the team has been iterating lately, I am hopeful that there tools will be added. Anyway, a really useful upgrade to a really useful tool. Keep up the good work.
@henri_treude Thanks a million for sharing your thoughts Henri and really happy to hear you like the recent updates! 🙌 Ability to add comments and start threads on your boards is one feature right at the top of our backlog and will be in works very soon - so stay tuned for the next releases! Comments along with the presence (seeing who is connected to the board and where they are editing), of-course. Anything else you have missed in Deekit while collaborating? 😊
Woah! I remember having a great chat at Latitude 59 demo area (it was 2015 i guess) when I was volunteer! It's amazing to see you didn't stop until then. Awesome work!
@mert_celik aww, thanks Mert! 😍🙌
@mert_celik thank you! 😍 We can't stop because we believe, breath and live the work-life where people can not be physically at the same place, but still, need to collaborate 👍 With Deekit everyone is able to take part of whiteboard brainstorming, design discussions, tech discussions etc, wherever they are, at ease! We want to be part of the future how we work and support it! 🙌
Been supporting the Deekit team since day one and I'll try out the new UX as soon as the vacation ends. Awesome!
@markorussiver Thanks so much Marko, really looking forward to hear your feedback! 🙌