Deekit 2.0

An improved shared whiteboard for remote teams

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Hello, Product Hunters! Less than a year ago we launched our early Beta and I'm thrilled to be back for feedback! We have been blown away by amazing response and support over past months. What a ride it has been! We have kept our eyes and ears open for feedback and thoughts and I'm so excited to have Deekit 2.0 at your fingertips. At Deekit, we are on a mission to make remote work and learning feel less remote. To make it possible to sketch, brainstorm or explain complex ideas with your team in real-time, no matter where in the world you are. The brand new version stands for simplicity and minimalism. We've spent many hours testing with our users to create a simple and intuitive experience. We have redesigned your board list into a simple grid that's easy to navigate and deek. We've also added some new features that have been requested countless times - post-it notes in as many colours and sizes as you'd like and different note previews that you can pin on your boards. And obviously, upgraded whiteboarding tools such as different brushes, straight lines, exporting and duplicating your boards and much more. Us, remote workers, often have connectivity trouble. Be it when working from a public wifi in a cafe or over 3G anywhere. Thus, for us, it is extremely important to make Deekit work in these environments. Our mission is to make it possible to collaborate in real-time, even in places and conditions when video calls and other tools are not an option. All your boards are automatically saved and synced. Check it out, let your creative ink out and let us know what you think 😊
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I suspect a large number of people reading this will have dozens (or hundreds, or maybe even thousands) of photos of whiteboards, blackboards, napkins and notebooks in their pockets. We've all cobbled together badly drawn wireframes, notes, ideas, thoughts and produced ideas for amazing products in a flat, static format that gets lost, forgotten or wiped away. With Deekit, that all ends. Having a shared collaborative whiteboard makes life immeasurably easier for the teams that I work with who use Deekit. We can noodle around on ideas, quickly iterate on the ones that show promise and collaboratively develop things that are far more coherent than 10,000 hours of whiteboard and notebook photography. Deekit 2.0 takes a great idea and makes it faster, more productive and more useful. Post it notes, new pens and brushes and a very cool master board grid view are all brilliant. I'm looking forward to digging into this new version a lot more over the coming days and weeks.
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@eamonncarey Thank you for hunting us and kind words. Music to both our ears and eyes 😍 Do reach out and share your thoughts, we're always there!
I have been a big fan of Deekit since early days - great for distributed teams to collaborate visually. Initially used Deekit in a three-continent Product Marketing team in @TransferWise, and now in a three-country team in @SorryasaService. Congrats on the improved version @kailikleemeier, and good hunt @eamonncarey!
@martinmcgloin @transferwise @sorryasaservice @eamonncarey Thank you Martin for kind words and love. I'm literally blown away! Not just because of the kind words, but because there are such amazing people using Deekit! 😍
@martinmcgloin @transferwise @sorryasaservice @kailikleemeier @eamonncarey Thank you for being with us, sharing feedback and helping us to get polished Deekit to current version!!
Looks nice but would be great to not have to sign up before trying it - major point of friction there
@colemercer Hi Cole! I hear you. We've always had the option to try as a guest before signing up. Right now, we simply could not make it into the release. You know the moment when all users are waiting for it, you are waiting for it and then there's the choice. We'll be putting the "Try as Guest" option back again very soon, that's a promise! 😊
@kailikleemeier @colemercer I've always been a huge fan to allow someone to try a tool immediately but if you want to save or collaborate, that's the point you need an account. But if you just made the ability to immediately try the tool, I would have stuck around. But I'm not interested in another account somewhere for a tool i may only try for 2 minutes before moving on
@jasonglaspey @colemercer Hi there Jason! I'm with you on this one. It has been a hard decision for us to roll out the new version without the option to try before you log in. As we also believe you should have the opportunity to try things out first. And frankly, I'm happy to see this coming up in discussions here as it only confirms the need for it! We're already hands-on working to add this back as soon as possible. Stay tuned and I'll be more than happy to let you know once it's there again :)
@kailikleemeier yes please, I would love to be notified. I'll check back then :) Good luck, and very excited about it
@jasonglaspey It's a deal, I'll let you know once it's there and will be looking forward to hear your feedback! Thanks 😃
As we expand our team, it's becoming increasingly difficult to collaborate effectively. Deekit seems to do a great job of bridging the gap between remote team members, and the latest update looks pretty awesome. Really excited to give it a try! 👍
@jakeapeters Thank you Jake, would love to have you and your team on board! :)