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Idea: perhaps this could be "crowdfunded" but through volunteering commitments. This would ensure each program gets a critical mass of supporters and motivate others to recruit their friends.
@rrhoover Sounds like you're describing a tangential Kickstarter aka still a platform which is DOPE but to build out a platform seems way more difficult than "attaching" it to an indiegogo or kickstarter or other already existing place for crowds that fund. Or am I missing an easier way that doesn't involve either an entire platform build or strong partnership with one of those previously mentioned existing platforms? Regardless this is a fantastic idea making volunteering social has a particularly warm feeling to the phrase in spite of being jargon-y : )
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, great idea! Thanks for the support!
@pokrparty @rrhoover let's run the thought even further. The majority of the volunteer opportunities on the app fill up very quickly (seems dog walking and senior citizen are the most popular). If you look, the influencer base organically spreads the news about Deed, via Insta, Snap, and FB. Maybe some of the more well followed influences on Deed could host these "crowdfunded" volunteer opps, adding an additional element of attraction to the particular cause, to have each program reach critical mass. This is a similar approach to Going even further, once Deed reaches a much larger piece of our generation, perhaps this can be looked at as a future of work play. They could integrate into contacts, mail, insta and calendar. Most of our generation (inside and outside of tech) are unfulfilled by their work. Deed by it's nature should help to fulfill instantly, without having to search too far for a diverse set of volunteer opps.
@gabriel_schillinger love. I got like 15k tweeterers I can toss it out to and follow w a blog post + ask for circulation bc my followers have wayyyy too much time on their hands, being poker players and whatnot : )
@pokrparty will do what I can but this 5am flight is ruining me currently. I really love your input there and I don't usually just straight LOVE any given hint (although my one list w 120 something 'saves' might beg to differ)
In love with this idea. I've been doing a fair bit of volunteering around SF. Always a rewarding experience, but it can be a hassle to set up, especially if it's your first experience with an org. Have you thought about reaching out to HR departments for companies/startups in the area? I know "corporate" volunteer days are a big thing, but it can be hassle for HR teams to set them up. This seems like a painless way for smaller teams to dispatch volunteer crews without the hassle. A bit of a half-baked idea, but you might be able to find some early adopters. Looking forward to DEED arriving on the west coast!