Facebook bot that translates Emojis to English 🤖🐣📲🔤

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Emoji lovers and bot fanatics, Meet Decodemoji, a Facebook bot that translates your Emojis into English. Send it as many emojis as you’d like and it’ll send back a grammatically correct interpretation that, in spite of its frequent silliness, is entirely plausible. For any given emoji story, Decodemoji generates up to several thousand interpretations by playing around with connotations, parts of speech, and left-to-right ordering. While messaging the bot: - type ‘random’ to get a translation for a randomly generated emoji story. - type ‘again’ to get a new translation for your last emoji story. - otherwise, type or paste any number of emojis using your keyboard / clipboard Try the FB bot: or go to We also have a web app:
So much fun
Entertaining stuff :)
there goes my productivity for the day
Great app!