Browse the web in private, in public 😎 💻

A bit more extreme and probably secure than the privacy screens Google employees have to use at coffee shops. To everyone else, it looks like red distortion until you put the red glasses on: Made by Brooklyn artist, @melanie_hoff. Credit to @fascinated for this find.
@rrhoover @melanie_hoff. I am @fascinated. the glasses are unique.
I dunno if i would be able to handle all that red all the time but this is pretty neat
@alezotoff that's when he's in like critical condition right?
This is like those old McDonald's "decoder" toys
So I am a bit curious about this... the only privacy provided by this is the privacy of obscurity. The obsurity of the tech that is. Once this became mainstream, would it's value-add proposition not be rendered moot? To wit: Given ubiquitousness, the more people use this, the less effective it gets since more people have the tools to decode.