No more wasting hours for bad slides 🙌

Decktopus, the new generation online presentation tool, lets you create the perfect presentation in the shortest time without any design skills.
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Hello community! 🖐 We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our brand new online presentation tool, which has already been used by thousands of users around the world. Decktopus is here to bring perfection in presentations. We have used classic presentation tools for many years. Although we don't have a lot of design skills, we had to deal with design to create a beautiful presentation. But what we had at the end of the day was the mediocre slides that are full of texts, the opportunities we missed and the time we wasted due to these inefficient tools. 😎 Here is how Decktopus solves this problem: Decktopus allows users to seamlessly create presentations, including homework presentations, startup pitches, investor updates, and more, by choosing a theme and entering their content. Decktopus does everything else, including design, alignment, size, color, and more. Decktopus user interface is designed to make the creation process simple and fast. Smart slides include auto-scaled text and intelligent layouts to ensure beautiful design, no matter the user’s skill level. Decktopus content suggestion engine helps guide users along the way, and mobile support lets users view, play, and create presentations without the need to download an app. Decktopus is the first of its kind in the world, offering an intelligent, intuitive platform where anyone who needs to create a professional presentation quickly can simply go online and get the job done beautifully. Decktopus isn’t a tool that leaves you alone on your presentation preparation journey, it is your assistant. The system doesn’t let you fill your slide more than it should be. It limits your component items, text lengths… Cause Decktopus always prompts you to demonstrate the best slides. With what is ideal for your audience. You can try Decktopus PRO by using 14 Day Free Trial. 🔥 Also, we have a discount code special to the Product Hunt community. Go ahead with, sign up and use the PRODUCTHUNT discount code for the annual PRO subscription. Now we are here to listen to your valuable feedback and get your support. 🙌
I was very surprised to see how much time the tool saves, perfect.
@oguzhan_yalman Thank you Oguzhan!
I think the product is very lean and have come really far. The best feature is that it provides you variety of templates according to the style such as minimalist, cheerful etc. Also making differences is very easy. Price is also reasonable if we consider the similar products. Keep up the good work 👩‍💻😊
@alara_akcasiz Thanks Alara! It's absolutely what we're trying to provide!
Great product James! I surprised when I realized how easy it is to add famous quotes in a snap of fingers.
@edencakir Thank you Eden! It's great to hear that.
I used decktopus before my investor presentation. A great application. I recommend it to everyone.
@umut_acerbastimur Hey Umut! It's fantastic to hear that.