A TweetDeck style desktop client for GitHub.

#4 Product of the DayApril 18, 2016
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Awesome! 👍
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Nice, how does this compare to DevSpace?
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@bentossell: DeckHub is an OSX app, while DevSpace is a web app. One thing I am looking forward to: Notifications (without having to 'remember' to visit the app)
@ankushdharkar plus Linux (deb) and Windows :) @bentossell
@bentossell First; Devspace is great too and i use it like everyday while i'm mobile. Basically their purposes are same but Devspace is a web app while DeckHub is for desktops. Also; DeckHub offers some features that Devspace doesn't support at the moment(hopefully they will), like notifications, multi user usage, in app interactions etc.
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@neoberg @bentossell Oops. Missed that. When I went to the website, it only showed me "Download .dmg". So, I incorrectly assumed it's OSX only. Thanks for pointing it out 🙌
@ankushdharkar it shows the correct extension for your platform then 😅
Useful and very nice indeed.
Well done guys! Great product for everyday use.
Great work! 👊🏽