Deck UI Kit by InVision

A cross-platform UI kit for building card-based layouts

This kit is perfect for designers who want to give their website a responsive card design. It can also serve as the basis for building a media-centered experience from the ground up, with a focus on amplifying user engagement. Deck comes with 45 templates, 200+ elements, dozens of hand-crafted components, and web fonts for easy editing.

We hope you enjoy Deck!

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Clark Valberg
CEO at
We’re excited to share Deck with you! It’s a beautiful cross-platform UI Kit for building card-based layouts and media sites. The kit includes a wide variety of layouts for page categories—from the homepage to the category page, photo gallery, video gallery, article pages, and contact page. All major color shapes come as symbols, so you can easily change the dominant color of the theme to fit your brand style. Can’t wait to see what you create! What do you think?
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nothing unusual
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Nelly Kam
Remote Product Designer & Digital nomad
Wow, this is awesome! Can't wait to try it 😊 Why is it called "Deck"? How "cross platform UI kit" is related to "deck"? Or maybe I'm missing something
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Matthew DeanArt Director, Health Union
@nel_kamai I think it's a reference to "a deck of cards" due to the card design format.
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Nachum Kligman
Brilliant! Always working to make teams lives easier! Kudos!