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Decisive shows you how your fans are emotionally connecting with the content you post across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest - and many more networks coming. You can also create lists benchmark your content against your competition. Check out this list we created for Startup Unicorns: Or Republican Candidates: Our goal is to show you what people are saying and why they're sharing your content. So you can create stronger connections with your fans. Hit us up at if you have any questions or feedback!
Hands down the best way to see what your competition is doing on social media. Killer product.
How does the technology that gauges emotional response work?
@christ0pherus It uses Natural Language Processing to understand the words that your fans are saying. We analyze all of the emoji your fans use to show emotion 😍. We also translate the phrases your fans say into sentiment and highlight them in the app so you can easily search for specific terms. It's really 😎!
Aside from the fact that this is an awesome way to understand how to tailor your content, I imagine it'll come in handy to view the competition as well. Huge fan of natural language processing to analyze emotional response to content. Just checked out the republican candidates link you shared. Didn't notice anything pertaining to demographic on there. Is that because I'm not logged in or is it not implemented yet? Looking forward to giving this a spin. Awesome product.
@imcatnoone thanks for the question. Yes the demographic information is there. We'll get you approved right away!
@imcatnoone Thanks Cat. You're exactly right about competition. It seems to be a common use case for our first version. :) For demographics, yes, that's on the individual content pages at the moment.