Credit card perks without the debt, now on iOS

Debitize lets you use any existing credit card like a debit card. Earn rewards and build credit without debt, interest, or late fees. It's the best of both worlds. Upgrade to Credit Optimizer and we'll automatically keep your credit utilization low to help boost your credit score even more.

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Hey PHers! We’re excited to be back on Product Hunt, this time with our new and improved iOS app! Debitize is on a mission to make good personal finance habits the norm so you can live debt-free, starting with credit cards. With Debitize, you use any credit card like a debit card. You’ll build credit and earn rewards with zero debt, interest, or late fees. How it Works: 1. Use any credit card like you normally would 2. We’ll automatically set aside money from your checking account to cover it the following day. Funds sit in your Debitize account, on deposit at an FDIC insured bank, and you can transfer them back to your checking account if needed. 3. When your bill comes due, Debitize will have already paid it for you, automatically, in full, and on time. That’s it! What makes us different: • Action, not advice. We don’t just send you notifications – if you spend $25, we’ll withdraw $25 to make sure your balance is covered • Cmpletely automated – you’ll stay on top of your spending, and never miss a bill, all without lifting a finger. • Debitize works with your existing credit cards and checking account – use what’s already in your wallet • We’ve officially launched our premium feature, Credit Optimizer, which automatically pays your balance down weekly keeping your utilization low and your credit score high. Credit Optimizer has helped many of our users increase their credit scores, in some cases by more than 100 points! If you don’t want Credit Optimizer, Debitize will keep your credit cards paid off every month for free! Don’t just take it from us, check out some of these customer testimonials: “This is an awesome service that eliminates the worry of bill dates and improves credit scores.” - George “Once I started using Credit Optimizer, I really saw things change quickly, my bank noticed that I was really making an effort and extended the credit limits on both of my cards. over the last 10 months, since downloading Debitize, my credit score has gone from 515 to 705, and I know have control of my credit. Debitize changed my life” - Nicholas This is just the start for us. In the future, we plan to help you manage and automate all of your bills and expenses - essentially a robo-advisor for the 60% of Americans who worry more about their bills than their investments. Would love to hear your thoughts! Liran
@liranamrany Congrats! It's awesome

This allows you to have a "no thinking" (aka Plug & Play) solution to your credit cards. I love it. I've used them in previous betas and it's only gotten better!


Plug & Play, Reliable, Credit Card Points, and the list goes on...


If you use Android you're limited

Been using Debitize for a long time now. I set it up with my card that offers the most cash back and then let it roll. You'd be amazed by how quickly you can rack up the points when you're leveraging this product. @liranamrany and the team over there are awesome. I've contacted them a few times and they always respond within a day, have helped me figure out why a new bank wasn't connecting, etc. Two thumbs up.
@paulspoerry Thanks so much for the kind words!



Takes away the stress of paying your bill on time. Improves credit utilization !


No Android app yet...

I’ve been using Debitize for 2 years and it’s increased my credit score and given me peace of mind about using credit cards.


Extremely user-friendly, life-hack