Dear Holmes

Get Sherlock's mail. Solve his mysteries. 🕵📬

Sherlock Holmes’s clients, sources, and colleagues are now your pen pals.

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Fun idea! I was hoping this would be delivered via physical mail to add to make it even more novel and "old school". Thoughts, @msitver?
@rrhoover Good news! All of our letters are delivered in the real, physical mail (using a real first-class stamp)
@msitver aha! Brilliant.
@rrhoover Brilliant enough to get featured? 😜
Hey PH-ers, I'm thrilled to share Dear Holmes, my mysterious new product. If you've ever wanted to be Sherlock Holmes (or at least get his mail), now's your chance. Here's the Dear Holmes experience: - Every month, you'll face a challenging new mystery to solve from the Victorian era. - Every week, a witness or expert will mail A letter to your door with new information to help you solve the case. - At the end of the month, Sherlock Holmes will write to you to explain the solution. - Your mission is to solve the case before he does. (P.S. Use the code "PH10" this week to save 10% on any order) Hope you love Dear Holmes as much as I do (and let me know if you have any questions or feedback!) Best, Michael 🕵
@msitver is there a discount code?
In loovee <3
Love the physical letter aspect. An online newsletter format would've been so easy to lose engagement. With a physical letter, you can have it around you at all times and not rely on a screen. Would love to try it here in Barcelona but the inconsistency in the mailing (7 to 21 days) may ruin the experience.
@rubes_world That's the USPS "range", because International First Class Mail goes everywhere from Canada to Pakistan. My understanding is it's fairly consistent from letter-to-letter within the same country. Definitely a fairly long delay though.