Dealbot by Pipedrive

Keep Slack up to date on new deals, deal progress, and wins

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Love it :) Our Zapier configuration won't be breaking any more *turns off* xD
This is cool, I'm a big fan of Pipedrive, and an even bigger fan (no offence) of Slack... so these companies connecting their services is supah. How well are people receiving it right now? :) Did you do research prior to making this, about how many of your customers actually use Slack?
Seems like a good way to get the rest of the company excited about when a sale is made. Is there a way to create a deal in Pipedrive from Slack? P.S. The logo looks kind of like a robot version of Finn from Adventure Time. Was that intentional or coincidence?
@andygcook haha I'm a big fan and I did not see that ;)
We tried this out today, works well! Gonna stick with Zapier for deal won alerts, because we can modify it to display in one line. Love the search capabilities, definitely keeping it for this - just wish it showed the deal stage on results.