A 1-click marketplace for buying non-fungible crypto assets

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2019

dBay is an intuitive non-fungible token marketplace for buying crypto assets at zero commission. Non-fungible tokens are a unique class of crypto tokens that are becoming increasingly popular in many industries such as the gaming and digital art industry.

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Zero commission? The one thing that was holding me back from extensively using nft-marketplaces like opensea was the commission, so I really look forward to following your journey. Will it only be ETH based or are you opening up for collectibles on alternative platforms as well?
@aletna Hi Dennis! I am really glad that you are interested in our product, as we're a small team of 3 members! 😺 We currently only support Ethereum dApps, but would most definitely start adding different Blockchains later on. Although some NFT marketplaces might have different business models, the space is filled with great teams like OpenSea and Rare Bits. Keep an eye on our Discord Channel for future updates! 😉
Hey PH! Abi from the dBay team here. dBay is a non-fungible token marketplace to buy all your favorite dApps in one intuitive platform. As a team of three 19 and 20-year-olds who are strong believers in the decentralized internet of tomorrow, we created dBay with the vision that it would enable an ecosystem of creators, developers, and enthusiasts to propel the non-fungible space forward. We’ve learned a lot in the journey so far, a lot more than we could ever learn in 4 years of college, but we are certain that the best is yet to come! Our main feature differentiators would be: Zero commission: We believe that revenue generation doesn’t have to be done by fleecing customers with commissions and fees. 1-click buying experience: We do not escrow, own, nor have licenses to any of the crypto assets listed in our marketplace. All transactions are controlled through smart contracts and API calls directly from the respective dApp creators themselves, thus making your buying experience as efficient as possible. Constant feature updates: One major issue in the non-fungible token space so far has been the lack of aggregated information and cross-dApp interactiveness. We believe that we could change that by closely researching and analyzing the market and consumer trends and will be rolling out an array of feature updates to enhance your user experience. We’re thrilled to have made it so far, and would love to hear your honest and valuable feedback! If you’re interested in learning more about us and our community, join our Discord: https://discord.gg/EaWSKQH
Isn't the non fungible ecosystem pretty dead at this point?
You bring such an important point, @aakash_mk . The market has been pretty dull lately, but we're in it for the long-run. We're focusing right now on building a great marketplace & would definitely be ready to pivot along with wherever the non-fungible space takes us in the future.
@abii_sheikh I hope the market recovers and innovates
Couldnt find much info on the founders, what are your backgrounds?
@jamesdrucker Great question! Me, @luis_gonzalez9 & @jccf are currently Sophomore students at the Minerva Schools San Francisco. We started researching trends in the dApp market last summer in Tokyo and decided to set up dBay after recognizing a gap in the ecosystem for an intuitive, easy-to-use aggregator marketplace! 😃
@jamesdrucker If I could add to Abi's comment. It's also worth mentioning that we aim to scale this project with the help of more engineers, designers, and amazing salespeople to make the best product possible. We might only be three sophomores right now, but this is just the beginning 😀 Join our Discord for updates!

Glad to see dBay finally launch, eager to follow your progress! 🎉


- Clean Interface - I could buy a CryptoKitty pretty easily


- Only accepts Ethereum - Limited functionality currently

Thanks for your valuable feedback @rodrig 🙏