Ebay for cryptogoods. Buy and sell items on the blockchain.

OpenSea is the first (and largest) peer-to-peer marketplace for cryptogoods, which include collectibles, gaming items, and other assets backed by a blockchain. On OpenSea, anyone can buy or sell these items through a smart contract.

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Hi everyone! We’re very excited to launch OpenSea today on Product Hunt ( OpenSea lets you buy, sell, and discover unique crypto assets. There are over 500,000 items on our store and over 100,000 auctions. We've been in private beta for a month, but in just that short time we've seen over $400,000 in transactions, making this the first and largest marketplace for crypto assets. Crypto assets include crypto collectibles like CryptoKitties, CryptoCelebrities, CryptoPunks, and many others. When CryptoKitties crossed eight figures in just two weeks, we knew there would others to follow. Important for users of these games is the ability to buy and sell items directly from each other, and the blockchain unlocks the ability for games to tap into a shared liquidity pool for in-game items. We've been the frontend of that liquidity pool so far this year. But crypto assets extend to more than just games. We've had digital artists reach out about tokenizing their art, and we're excited to see other digital asset classes (like tickets and domain names) move onto the blockchain so that anyone can trade them anywhere. Devin and I previously worked at Palantir, Pinterest and Credit Karma, and had separate consumer startups that got acquired before we decided to team up and solve problems with digital ownership. We welcome your feedback and would love for you to spread the word. If you're working on a project in this space, reach out to us on our Discord channel!
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@alexanderatallah awesome to see you on PH today Alex! We did a mini Q&A on Token Daily yesterday:
@alexanderatallah @bentossell Thanks for having us Ben! We're both becoming big Token Daily fans :)
As one of the founders of I wish projects such as these the best of luck and are only good news for the CryptoCollectible market as a whole! Good luck!!
@eliezer_steinbock Thanks Eliezer! Big fan of CryptoFighters, I especially love the artwork :)
Maybe I can finally sell my Ben Stein Crypto Celeb. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I'm interested in what this will eventually become. Will this turn into an IFTTT for crypto contracts. Could I theoretically make an escrow contract allowing me to trade a crypto asset without the fear of other party not following through. Very cool start.
@ryanmarr Great thoughts! At the moment, we actually do use a smart contract to escrow items. This means that there's an in-code guarantee around the sale process, without OpenSea having to take custody over the item :) To your point, end users could also create smart contracts that automatically execute trades on their behalf. We may, for example, see smart contract "market makers" that automatically buy and sell items on different marketplaces. I haven't heard of a platform that makes this easy, but it's a really interesting idea.
@dfinzer I know from discussing with people in the discord community for a couple of the supported collectables games that there is a desire to be able to complete trades in a way that prevents one party from pulling out. I am really curious what the iterative evolution is here.
@ryanmarr interestingly enough, this is actually how trades work on OpenSea (and the cryptokitties marketplace, for that matter) right now! One party escrows the item, and the other purchases it in a single transaction that both transfers the item to the buyer and pays the seller. The transaction can’t happen if the buyer doesn’t have enough ETH. Perhaps those discord users were talking about one-off trades that they coordinated themselves?
@dfinzer Thanks for the reply. They were discussing, actual card for card trades. So in the crypto celebs example. person 1 - "Hey I'll trade you Neil Young for Phil Collins".... Person 2 - "Sure, but how do I know after I buy phil collins off you that you'll give me Neil young.". The desire was for a contract that allows an item for item trade that once agreed to by both parties, executes. I'm imagining an interface similar to trading between players in civ 5 where you can counter a trade with other assets or currency until both parties agree.
@ryanmarr ah gotcha! That makes sense, I think a trading contract would definitely be valuable. Might be interesting to be able to specify willingness to trade for an item with a broad set of characteristics, e.g. “I’d like to trade for a fluffy cryptokitty of the same generation”
I love that the platform is a DAPP. Trading Crypto products on a Crypto-powered P2P app? So cool! Also, landing page looks great, by the way. Goodjob guys! Excited to try it out! 😎