Simple app that tells you when the days are getting longer.


Johan Bakken
@johanbakken · Co-founder Bakken & Bæck & Wake.com
You can read more about Daylight over on Medium: https://medium.com/bakken-b%C3%A...
Amit Nivedan Kalra
@amitnkalra · 6284 Calc, Parkour City, & Gifting Chaos
I love this. I always check on the weather app to see the days getting longer because I'm craving for summer. Buttttt after July 4 I'm deleting it because then it starts getting depressing
Patrick Loonstra
@buxx · Designer at patrickloonstra.nl
I have it for a couple a weeks now, and love the positive vibe it gives me these mornings. But will not use it when the days get shorter after the summer.
J.M. Saponaro
@jmsaponaro · Engineer @Datadog
If it was a Widget on Android, that would be way better :)
João Pereira
@nsmyself · Freelance iOS Developer
Great design, love it.