Dance parties at the crack of dawn

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I did not understand how it works @eriktorenberg
@ozguralaz yeah... The website doesn't say what it IS
@ozguralaz @_jacksmith for more details check here: "a midweek crack-of-dawn dance party, replete with lights and booming DJ but with the Red Bull vodkas and bottle service replaced by green juice and espresso drinks."
@ozguralaz @eriktorenberg I added it as a related link ;) definitely gives more context - as the website gives zero information and when I signed up, it just sent me an email like "keep an eye out".
I need to go to one of these. PH Team @ Daybreakers??
I understand that it is a party concept that happens in the morning. As a business perspective, brunches and breakfasts are so boring. This business combines breakfast+music+party+networking.
I've been. It's fun! Good way to start the day.
Love this event. I'm going this Friday.