An intelligent to-do app that learns when to remind you

#5 Product of the DayApril 11, 2016
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Dear Hunters, Daybreak is a reminder & to-list app that uses machine learning algorithms to figure out when your favorite remind times are. Some other awesome features: - Syncs with your Google Calendar - Customize with different themes - Beautiful data visualizations to understand your behavior - Natural language processing recognizes certain keywords like 'afternoon', 'evening', or 'lunch', and will automatically suggest when to remind you. Please post your comments below and I'll be sure to answer any questions. All feedback is welcome! Derek
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@derek_t_lo Looks pretty great... and I'm sort of on a try-all-the-todo-list-apps kick right now... but no free option?! :(
@derek_t_lo Love the design. With machine learning becoming more pervasive in day to day apps, I think we will be seeing a lot more apps like this that will focus on preemptive measures.
@jonathanzwhite Thanks Jonathan, I really appreciate it :)
@andym_dc Hey Andrew, as a student myself I definitely understand. Email me at and I'll give you a promo code. Any other students with a valid .edu email account, feel free to reach out for a free code also!
@derek_t_lo @andym_dc @yale Tried to send you a mail but there seems to be a problem. It's not working...
You're saying that the app learns then gives you the suggestion, rather than you just setting it? Either sounds like an annoyance or an unnecessary feature.
@tnargus Hi Blair, not exactly. When you go to create a new reminder, a standard iOS Datepicker appears, so that you can set the time manually if you want. The time recommendation feature allows the Daybreak to scroll the wheel automatically to a time it think you'll pick. If you happen to be a person that sets reminder sporadically with no pattern, you can simply turn off this feature and Daybreak functions just as well. Any more questions?
@derek_t_lo there seems to something off with the (very first) asset added to this Hunt. The screen frame is off compared to the mock iPhone. Look at this picture: Looks like it's fixed on the website, so you might need to re-sync the assets on this Hunt to update them. Also, any plans for an Android release?
@anthonymonori @derek_t_lo oops I removed it... think it was to do with the white space :)
@anthonymonori Thanks for noticing this and posting about it, Anthony. We do have plans for an Android release but I can't give a definitive timeline just yet. Stayed tuned.
Just bought it! Can't wait to try it out.
@b_wleung Thanks Beatrice! Excited to hear what you think.
This looks pretty awesome. I use a paper bulletjournal system with a few overlap in phone reminders to stay on top of habitual tasks. Any plans for Apple Watch integration?
@amy_r In the spirit of full transparency, I would say that this is not our #1 priority as of now. Getting an Android version out the door is at the top of our list of to-do's.