Day One Version 3

Capture life as you live it.

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Day One Version 3 is a major update to the foundation of the app text editor with redesigned shortcut menus for text formatting and adding content like photos and tags. Accompanying this update are two new Premium features, Dark Mode and Audio Recording.

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Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
It's crazy to think that I hunted Day One v2.0 three years ago — and yet here we are again. Very excited to see several big updates to my favorite journaling app. I use it nearly every day even if I don't write all the time. Still, since I've been using it, I've recorded over 1200 entries... and most of them are longer than 140 characters, so that's saying something. In any case, I'm excited — and I'm sure the Bloom team is too.
Nate Walkingshaw
Nate Walkingshaw@nwalkingshaw · Chief Experience Officer
Use this product daily and I love it. Plus, the team building this product behind the scenes is super smart, thoughtful and listens to the customers. Thanks for bringing another great update to market
Ray Wang
Ray Wang@rwanghacker · founder, nimbusbase
Day one classic was the best but it's a version that doesn't use their own cloud. Because of that, they abandoned it even thought it had dropbox and icloud integrations which everyone wanted. The new day one is crap, I bought it on ios for v2 and it was far worse, but it's the version they can charge you for cloud storage. I lost all my entries from before too so I don't want to use it. Right now, I just wish someone else does a good diary system based on a global cloud storage like dropbox or icloud. Journaling format should be standardized so moving entries is easier.
Anton Puzorjov
Anton Puzorjov@anton_puzorjov
@rwanghacker Absolutely agree with you my friend. I've got over 1400 entries averaged at 500+ words each and I still use Day One Classic, since this is the only way i can keep my data to myself and do whatever I want with it. Unfortunately, there are no decent competitors on the market right now. If nothing changes in the next few years I will develop a new diary app that would have all these simple things implemented properly.
Arlo Gilbert
Arlo Gilbert@arlogilbert · Super founder - ✌️Exits & counting
@rwanghacker 100% agree.
Mihai Leonte
Mihai Leonte@lmihai · iOS & Android dev
Luis Fariña
Luis Fariña@louthinker · iOS & Web dev
A great update to a great app! I've used Day One for nearly 4 years, and I don't think I'll ever switch to another one. The new entry editor is great, and the app feels slicker overall.
Artem Boiko
Artem Boiko@artboiko · iOS dev
I love day one. Using it since 2013 every day. Keep saving reminders of my life and most memorable events. Thanks, guys!