Vlog using clips that turn into stories is a social video community built to capture raw 15s clips to then rearrange, edit, and share a more thought out video. Follow your friends and content creators to watch different types of vides you love.
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I have been making this social video community for the last year. Inspired by vlogging, makes it easy to create more though out stories from small moments.
When I try to reach your website it says it is offline so when it will be offline
@whyucan_com it is online right now on the apple app store:
So many questions! I made a similar app a few years ago (from what I can tell, yours is downloading now). Check it out — Trail
@brandon_shaw happy to talk through streaming protocols that would speed up delivery if you like. Learned a lot about video distribution from Trail and MajorityRules too
@jakemor thanks for reaching out! I would be happy to talk to you about it. WHat is the best way to get in touch?
It's funny because I was working on an Android app like this with the same name about 2 years ago, never finished it. But this looks great!
@svenvdz Thats awesome, thank you
Cool stuff guys :)