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Dawn, an iOS app who's algorithm automatically learns your preferences, was designed to prioritize your to-do list & create a daily “smart” calendar
  • Pros: 

    Nothing. It doesn't work and is a fraud


    Same as above

    Has never worked. Doesnt work on iphone, ipad, or macbook. appears to be poorly engineered and highly breakable. No features, always broken, always crashing. Has never worked in the 8 months i have been a PAYING user. Owners don't care and don't answer. Save your money and get a real app from a real developer. I NEVER write reviews but will gladly make the effort to trumpet what a frustrating experience this scam has been.

    Chris Williams has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Smart Scheduling is a live saver for those who have a ton of meetings every week.


    More social interactivity / sharing... I want to leverage other people's structure and systems.

    Highly Recommended to people looking to stop treading water at work and start winning again.

    Nick Kneuper has used this product for one year.
Managing weekly tasks alongside meetings and other weekly schedules was a pain. We created a way to take your to-do list and overlay it on top of your weekly calendar so you know exactly what is needed to do every second of the day. Talk about maximizing productivity. Dawn uses an algorithm to prioritize your day, tasks, events, and meetings. Your weekly schedule has never been more streamlined or built for efficiency.
Fascinating concept. Downloaded the app and started the sign up process, but stopped because an automatic $50 annual subscription fee after ONLY a 7-day trial feels like I'm being cornered into a yearly charge. 7 days is not enough time to put a new productivity app through the paces before dropping $50 on a brand new mobile app (w/ no desktop version).
I've been using this since beta... smart scheduling is such a cool feature. I don't worry about whether I'm working on what's most important. Dawn automatically slots my tasks into my daily schedule by priority.... so badass!
How can I try the product? I entered my name and email but it seems to have just subscribed me to an email list? IMHO, messaging could be more clear as I'd love to explore the product right now. :)
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, thanks for checking us out - big fan! Sorry you had that issue, we were having some issues with backend (ah the joy of launches), it seems to be back up now tho. Grab here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... Please feel free to email me cathryn [at] bestself.co if you see anything else. Thanks again!
@cathrynlavery no worries! Just downloaded the app. 🙌🏼
Looks! Cool , I'm trying this for sure !