A minimal, elegant calendar to manage events & reminders

#5 Product of the DayMay 21, 2018

Dawn is an elegantly minimal calendar app that aims to revolutionize calendars with integrated to-dos, reminders, and subtasks. It's the calendar for you to manage entire days.

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I've been an early Beta tester for Dawn, and I'm sold. It's beautiful, it's simplifying task management by integrating Apple Reminders (I love using Siri to input todos), and it allows addition of sub-tasks which show up as Notes in the native Reminders app, and as checklists in Dawn. My main focus is to either plan my day right in the morning, or right before sleeping, and Dawn makes that so easy to do. The Calendar/Task Management category is so heavily packed with some very wonderful apps, but Dawn is a breath of fresh air. It likely isn't for very heavy users/projects/teams, but it's just about perfect for day-to-day planning for most people.
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@mingulertok Couldn't be more thankful for your support Kriti, Dawn has come a long way thanks to you and each and every one of my early supporters. To me, it’s not just the joy of building beautiful apps that keeps me going but more so hearing people enjoying them and even having their lives changed for the better. Dawn is the user’s just as much as it is mine, never hesitate to reach out to me personally for requests or concerns. Good day to everyone!
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In my opinion, this product is still in BETA. Completely unable to use the app because of its instability. After it crashes, I close the app and re-open it. Dawn gives the same message every time, "We're updating our databases. This may take a few minutes. Hang tight." Well, that message never goes away and the app won't restart without uninstalling and reinstalling only to start the cycle over. I'll look forward to trying again after some major bug fixes.


Beautiful to look at. Well executed idea. Perfect and simple onboarding.


Crashes a lot. No trial period for a $4 app.

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Hi Greg, I’m really sorry about the experience you’re having! Seems like there are still certain compatability issues that aren’t fixed, I’ll get working on stabilization as top priority and make sure crashes or hangs are resolved. Please email me at support@enulus.com and I’ll personally assist you with the issues. I pushed out Dawn as early as possible to try to get user feedback to steer Dawn into the right direction. Promise to have Dawn stabilized within a month!
Really nice UI, but agree that it's buggy. How do I add events, NOT a to-do item?
Hello ProductHunt! Thank you everyone for all the support, the development of Dawn has certainly been a real fun journey! My goal is to revolutionize the calendar for it to manage not only events but your entire days. I also believe that the calendar should be designed with beauty and functionality in mind as you’ll be using it every day. Feel free to leave any questions or requests and I’ll be sure to align Dawn’s development with it’s users! Talk to you soon!
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@hyericlee Any chance to be added to the TestFlight?
@hyericlee I bought Autopilot some time ago and totally love it. I've also used the free version of Feather but was hesitant to upgrade because it looks like it's been phased out. Would you say Dawn is the successor of Feather?
@bluespringstn Hi Jason, there are currently no open slots for beta testers but stay tuned as I open more slots from time to time!
@omtnt Hi Omar, very happy you've been enjoying Autopilot! And yes, I would say Dawn is the successor of Feather as it will be getting almost all of Feather's features as the app gets upgraded. I would recommend not upgrading Feather if you would like to get Dawn. Hope this helps Omar! Please email me at support@enulus.comif you run into any issues with Dawn!
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Really beautiful, Eric! Is the data backed up or synched? Are the To-Dos stored in the app only or do they integrate with Reminders or anything?
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@joshuapinter Thank you Joshua, very glad you like the design! To-Dos are synced with Reminders, which can be set to be synced with iCloud. Everything in Dawn will thus be synced and should be backed up to iCloud if they are enabled in your native Calendar and Reminders app. Hope this helps, good day to you!
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@hyericlee Music to my ears! Purchased!
@hyericlee Just synched my calendar and reminders. Fucking gorgeous, mate! Really well done. And how you add subtasks to Reminders by starting a line with a hyphen is super genius. Left a glowing review for you!
@joshuapinter Hi Joshua, seems like you've discovered a secret feature of Dawn, Dawn's auto detection of subtasks. If you change the hyphen to a plus sign (+) it actually turns the task into completed state ;) Thanks so much for the positive review, really means a lot to me! Good day to you Joshua!
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iPhone only? :(
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@livejami Hi Jaimie! For now it iOS only, I’m planning on expanding to desktop/web first, then Android. With the support I’m getting so far, there’s no doubt the funding will be enough to allow me to hire an Android dev, thanks for the feedback, stay tuned!
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