Outsmart Overdrafts

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Hey Kevando, there are certain touch points within the app such as when we save you from an Overdraft fee, successfully notify you of a predicted negative balance between or in the profile section where you can leave a Tip / Donation to us. We're trying to let people decide what they think it fair to pay us Vs banks making you pay huge fees. That seemed like the ultimate fair proposition.
@jasonwilk Very interesting concept. Considering pnc just docked me another $15 for no reason >:(
@jasonwilk really a key problem for college age people. Overdrafts were devastating in college. I think they'll find this very useful.
@jasonwilk what a genuine value exchange model. Kudos to you and the team @jasonwilk
how does the tipping work?
That's PH! Feel free to ask me anything.
So the $ advances are paid back at 0%, and tipping is optional?
@kristofertm Yes, that's right. We want users to be able to pay what is fair and we do that through donations. We also plant a tree with the donations too.