Authentication for the decentralized web in 60 seconds

DAuth is an easy to integrate Authentication for the decentralized web.

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If you we're to explain this to an 8th grader, how would you describe what this does and why I need it? Awesome project!
@cellus_christie If Google shuts your account you can never "Sign in with Google" ever again. Login with Dauth will always work - because you can host a server yourself!
This looks interesting!
@rlvl would love to know if this is something that solves a problem you are having! Would be happy to discuss ☺️
This looks interesting, @madhavanmalolan :) What features are you planning on adding to this soon?
@amrith First up this will be moved to mainnet. Also, i will be adding a way for people to verify accounts. So that a verification provider like say TrueCaller can attest that the account has been verified for its phone number. This will handle the problem of sybils.
@amrith @madhavanmalolan does this learn from or evolve any of the learnings from OpenID or OAuth?
@amrith @chrismessina yes - this is inspired by OAuth. Same concept without having to trust a central authority
Do you envision this as a next gen de-centralized auth provider? I.E. "Sign in with Google"
@seanbolak Yes, pretty much. I'm confident this is especially a good match for DApps. A centralized authenticator like Google/Facebook for a decentralized app is a misfit - primarily because in a DApp, the Service providers don't need to verify the username on Google, rather need a way to deterministically say that the user owns a certain Ethereum Address; with just as much ease as signing in with Google
@seanbolak @madhavanmalolan If this is true, then you have a pretty interesting and important future ahead of you. Keep it up!