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Jsn Ee
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    Watch out for scams like these. They are crooks


    They don't have the intention to do business

    Things went from bad to worst after i purchased an enterprise lincense.

    1. They have send me the light free version software without any information

    2. After i contacted them they send me the correct key.

    3. The software is full of errors

    4. Support desk is not reachable. in some cases they don't even respond on your email.

    5 After days of trying to get the software installed an running through a lot of issues i decided to return the product( refund)

    6 I think i've pissed them off. Untill now they have not respond on my request to refund my payment.

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  • Todd Boldizsar
    Todd BoldizsarDigital Marketing Director

    New Ownership, advanced script, quick responses from support


    Company doesn't have enough web presence to accurately describe what it does

    There are a lot of negative comments in here that exist from the previous ownership group of this script and service. This company is NOT a scam, I've used them for several of my developments. The new ownership is making a major push to upgrade customer service and make the user interface much easier to use. The biggest thing I've noticed is the increased communication and the way they are attempting to build a better online presence with more information. When I first signed up, I had a hard time figuring out what was available to me but after asking questions I got swift responses that answered everything I was wondering. I would highly recommend if you are an entrepreneur building a dating app since the ones currently out there are not progressing the way they should!

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  • CodiHub
    CodiHubCodiHub - Professional Coding Services

    They are really good scammer


    They Scam

    They did not provide my script after my email got blocked,My new email is even if i provided them my previous email

    CodiHub has used this product for one week.